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The CATI search tool lets you look through our entire active member directory for a qualified translator or interpreter to meet your specific needs.  

If you have any trouble with this feature we apologize. We are currently having issues with our database system. If it is not working for you please send your request information to catiadmin@catiweb.org . Be sure to include your contact information. The admin will send the request out to our membership and have them contact you directly. 

See below for Search Instructions.



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Basic Search Instructions:

  • All searches and results are displayed in the window above.  
  • When you first load this page, you will see only the search form with no results.  After running your first search, you will see the search form plus the search results in a table below the form. 
  • Search results are one line per language pair, so some individuals may display multiple times in the results.
  • Click the magnifying glass to see contact details and a biography of the member.
  • To return to the search page, simply hit the blue house icon in the upper left of the search window.
  • Search results list members with ATA Certified language sets first, then all other members that match the search request, sorted alphabetically by last name.
  • Search results may require scrolling within the white results box to see all listings.

For information on ATA certification, click here.

For a list of all CATI Corporate and Institutional Member Groups, click here

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The information in this directory was provided by our members. Inclusion of a member in the directory does not constitute an endorsement by CATI or its directors and officers. CATI does not evaluate, control, or guarantee its members' work. Users of this directory are advised that due to the multiplicity of authorities and institutions offering training, it is not possible for CATI to verify claims made regarding certification. Members state their own credentials and should be able to provide copies upon request. Many short training courses include a "certificate of attendance" or “certificate of completion." Issuance or possession of such a certificate does not constitute interpreter or translator certification. You may also consult the list of Federally Certified and NC State Certified Spanish Court Interpreters. CATI is not a translation company and does not provide information on fees or professional services. All terms of business must be arranged directly with the individual or corporate member. CATI is fully committed to supporting our student members with the transition from student to professional translator/interpreter. Students are not listed in the directory or available for contracting through the CATI website. The Web site does include a search box to find student members by last name, as a way of verifying membership. Please keep in mind that students, while committed to their studies and furthering their prospective careers in the translation and interpreting industry, have not completed their studies and are not experienced translators and⁄or interpreters. If you decide to hire a student member, you do so at your own discretion and risk.