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CATI offers up to ten (10) free student memberships per year. [The number of paid student memberships is unlimited.] Students may earn a year's membership by making a contribution to the Association in some pre-approved form (such as an article for the My CATI Blog*, volunteering at workshops, etcetera).

Students are encouraged to come up with their own contribution; the CATI Board is open to suggestions.

Annual Conference volunteers do not qualify as they receive other recognition. 

Applications are due by November 15 each year and will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us with your suggested contribution.

To apply/qualify for a scholarship, students may:

1) Contribute to a (suggested) Student Corner on the CATI website. The Student Corner is in development. OR

2) Submit a 500-word essay* on a topic related to the translation and interpreting professions, which Board members will review. This could be one option for a contribution to the Student Corner. OR

3) Volunteer at CATI events (reception, pick up refreshments at the store, etc.).

The CATI Board reserves the option of (a) reimbursing a volunteer, or (b) applying membership toward the following year if payment for the current year has already been made.